Welcome to PfFt!ness!

This blog will not only be a fashion blog, but also a blog to advertise my items from my new store, PfFt!, coming soon to marketplace.  I will be selling shapes, male & female, as well as walkers, typers, gesture, & anything else I can come  up with :P  I will also use it to not only blog fashion, but other things in sl across the grid.  This is my first time doing a blog, and this is my first post so I can play around and get a feel on operating the site. I have a lot of learning to do, because I want this plog to look fabulous!  This pic is just a random photo I had on SL of myself, so please excuse the sloppyness/poor background graphics.

This is, just me, hanging with family at their clan sim Eternal Sanctum (home of the Bloodlines Clan Eternaly Embraced).  They have a beautiful sim (in which I may use for more posts).  This is just a randomness of me, my look changes everyday, sometimes a few times a day. I am a shopping addict!  I have my favorite stores, of which you will see a lot of here, but have things from, and shop, all over the grid!!  I love to mix and match my outfits.  I love blogs, they feed my addiction.  Below you can find the info of everything I am wearing.

I will note, however, that certain things will not be included in every single blog description.  For example, the piercings I wear at all time, regardless of what I am wearing (my facial piercings).  My shape as well, since it will almost always be, my shape, which is not for sale.  If i post a shape, it will be one from my store or a store that is for sale. Ok ok, you get the point, on to the reason you are here :D



Skin:  Al Vulo! – Alice in Cocoa (Available @ -Private Room Event- Only for 300L)
Shape:  Mine (not for sale)
Hair:  CaTwA – TNT
Eyes:  *BG* Eye Collection – Shine – pale blue
Eyeliner:  -DAMNED- Tribal Makeup
Eyelashes:  CaTwA – 3D NoAlpha Lashes #2
Piercings: *Iced* Nose Piercing V2, :: alterego :: wcf :: pornstar piercing, [ skream! ] Kadee’s Dimples, [Mad Echo] – Abbey Piercing, JD Styles Red bellychain
Earrings:  -RYCA- Earring Hoop Platinum
Rings:  *Iced* F*ck Off 3 Finger Rings
Top:  -SU!- Random Shirt Je t’aime
Skirt:  .:Cheeky:. – My Leather Open Zip Mini Skirt (Available @ Stuff In Stock Only for 80L)
Gloves:  :: alterego :: wcf :: pornstar – gloves – black
Tattoo:  Wicked Tattoos – Kat’s Ink
Shoes:  Redgrave – Girls’ Bikers RELOADED -Black- (not shown in pic)